From Hobby to A Succesfull Business

My name is Sahin. My wife and I make  mosaic lamps. We both are US citizen. I lived in US for 12 years.  I am also Turkish citizen. We moved to Turkey several years ago.  My wife started making mosaic lamps  as a hobby and I thought why don't we sell our hand made products. My wife is the one making mosaic lamps mostly. She is a very artistic person. She is also a perfectionist. I can also make mosaic lamps but I am not as good as her. That is why I do the other part of the business like picture taking, advertising, getting supplies etc. We really want rest of the world to know about Turkish mosaic lamps and enjoy our meticulous work. This  is really motivating us, knowing that somebody on the other side of the world will purchase our hand-made lamps and make it part of their home.

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